I am pleased to announce that I have released a copy of my SQLExtract
utility for PowerBuilder to CodeXchange today. This utility locates PB
DataWindow objects, runs them and traps the generated SQL as it would be
sent to your DBMS in production. Normally, the DW object saves it's SQL in a
proprietary format known as a "PBSelect". This is an excellent non-specific
DBMS format, but viewing the actual run time SQL or trying to extract this
SQL in ANSI format to feed SQL analysis products like SQLExpert is not

What this utility does is to use the actual DBMS driver to convert the
PBSelect in the DW to real production SQL that would be generated as if the
DW objects were connected to your production DBMS. The SQL is analyzed for
basic structure and a small report is generated. The SQL can be
introspected at that point and more importantly saved to a ASCII text file.
This file is a perfect input device for the Quest SQLExpert product (which
is also sold by Sybase). This product will look at the DW's SQL and
recommend better ways to write the statement and which variations will
perform (I/O and/or CPU) better than the original!

I hope you find this utility as useful as some of my clients have!

Regards ... Chris (Great White North Technical Evangelist)
President: Software Tool & Die Inc.