SmartJump v1.2 has been released on http://www.romu.com

For all that do not know SmartJump, it is a tool to quickly
open up PB objects by simply positioning the caret in the class
name and pressing the hotkey. Alternatively, enter the classname
in the SmartJump window.


1) SmartJump is not freeware anymore, but postcardware :-)
That means: send a (nice) postcard to ROMU Software
to have a valid license. All postcards will be presented
on the website.

2) SmartJump now identifies classes for local variables and
function/event arguments. So you may position the caret on
a local variable or an argument, and by pressing the hotkey,
SmartJump will find the correct class for it and open that.

Roland M.
ROMU Software

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