I created a sample application from my system with Appeon
3.0 Excelerator.

now the appeon server, developer and everything is in my PC
only and all the testing i did on my PC.

now i want to move the locally deployed application into a
server setup, that is in another country.

so could you please tell me what are the configuration i
have to do on the new server in order to deploy this

i already got a valid internet enabled IP for the server.

i have appeon 3.0 trail version with me. so what are the
things i need to install on the new Server?. i think appeon
server with EAServer is required.

powerbuilder installation is required(while installing
appeon server it is asking PB)?.

shall i need to setup the connection cache to the database
at the server or it will do while installing the package

please let me know what are the things i have to do for such
a setup?.