Dear all

Can somebody tell me how to detect the ads server (7.1) through an
application(our exe file), it shows that ADS is started in the SERVICES but
our test application does not recognises it ?? why ???

Facts :

ADS 7.1 for Win Xp-Professional on a standalone PC

We are getting the following error

error 6420 : The 'Discovery' process for the ADS failed,
Unable to connect to the ADS. "axserverconnect"

and there is a network card configured for
(network properties are as follows)

Client for Microsoft network
Netgear lan-card
dial-up adaptor
TCP/IP (with IP address mentioned)

The movement we connect the LAN/Patch Cable to this PC it works fine i.e. it
gets connected to , I am unable to understand the problem !!

Is there any setting to be done in ADS.INI or
what is the solution for Using the ADS_71 on SINGLE PC with Windows
Xp-Professional as OS


Vijay Kamat
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