Recently, updated Adaptive Server Anywhere from 5 to version 8.

We have the following:

Windows 2000 Server SP3(two PIII-550MHz/four 9.1GB HD/ 2.2GB Ram)
Adaptive Server Anywhere 8(
Mobilink Synchronization (

1. Event ID:1016
The Data buffer created for the "Mobilink_Synchronization_Server"
service in the "E:\Program~1\Sybase\SQLANY~1\win32\dbmlctr8.dll" library is
not aligned on an 8-byte boundary. This may cause problems for applications
that are trying to read the performance data buffer. Contact the
manufacturer of this library or service to have this problem corrected or
to get a newer version of this library.

2. Event ID:7031
The Adaptive Server Anywhere-serviceterminated unexpectedly. It has done
this 1 time. The following corrective action will be taken in 0
milliseconds: No action.

How can both error be resolved?