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Performance problem with reading PBDs from folders

2 posts in DataWindow Last posting was on 2009-03-23 14:16:51.0Z
diasroshan Posted on 2009-03-23 09:31:43.0Z
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Subject: Performance problem with reading PBDs from folders
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i have an application with several modules,
PBLs/PBDs related to each module are in their individual folders
Eg Accounts, Inventory, Receivables etc

Say my folder structure is as follows,
C:\ERP ---> has my base pbls with application object and other
ancestor objects
C:\ERP\Accounts --> Accounts related pbls
C:\ERP\Inventory --> Inventory related pbls.
etc etc....

I have successfully created an exe using the above structure.
If i copy all the pbds from these folders into the main exe folder, C:
\ERP the application works just fine.

I need to read the pbds from their respective folders!
So, i do a SetLibraryList and set the correct library path to read
pbds from the folders.

Setlibrarylist is fine, the problem is the performance. My main mdi
takes over a minute to open. But if i copy all the pbds in the exe
folder and change setlibrarylist to read from the exe folder it works

Any help on this issue appreciated!!!


"Paul Horan[Sybase]" <phoran_remove Posted on 2009-03-23 14:16:51.0Z
From: "Paul Horan[Sybase]" <>
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Subject: Re: Performance problem with reading PBDs from folders
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Paul Horan[Sybase]