Felix Informatique (http://www.felix.fr) released a new Powerbuilder
component, the FlxListBar.

The FlxListBar is a button bar which memorizes the last clicked button.

This component:

- .provides a flat look and a 3D look (c.f. screenshot in attachment of
the 3D look),

- ...provides the 3 XP default looks (blue, metal, olive),

- .is totally self-contained,

- .offers an high level of customization (colors, fonts, distances),

- .supports 32-bit alpha icons,

- .supports mouse wheel,

- .can act like a toolbar,

- .can easily be use to replace a Tab control.

This component is available on Powerbuilder 8, 9 and 10

To get more information or get a full demonstration of these components,
just mail me at GThisselin@felix.fr