We have recently had a client install our program on a network. If they do
a search (done actively with each keypress by using an ADSSeek) on the
server computer, the speed is fine, it finds their records as fast as they
can type for it. But if they do it on either of the workstations, the
seeking is really slow. Their computer tech has upgraded their systems and
has checked and rechecked their hardware. The client computers are more
than substantial as is the server. They have done this on two seperate
systems; one server has a 2003 Server and one is XP Pro.

We have a few clients now using ALS with a couple of computers on their
network and we have heard no complaints from them of similar issues. We
frequently do this in our office when testing the program and have had no
problems with speed.

Are there any settings that we can fiddle with that might be causing the
substantial hit in performance? The client is unwilling to spend more money
so that we can upgrade them to ADS :(

Thanks in advance.