PAS 6.4.6
LDS 6.5
Treo650 ClientPack

I suddenly got "Unexpected failure detected:DarkstarException" when I do an
over the air synchronization. It also erased my datebook and I can't get it
back with an "overwrite with serverdata". It also started to send an email I
created in the Treo over and over again.

The log says: "Couldn't write the record darkstar.utils.DarkstarException:
Couldn't write the record at
so on...

Just before this happend I first did a "Delete Handheld PIM....",
synchronized and then I did a hard reset from the Theft/Loss Protection.
(Just for testing the application)

When I synchronize in the cradle, the log I can see meanwile the sync
proceeds says "Error encountered, see connection summary". But I can't see
anything neither in the Connection summery nor in the user log on the

I have tried to reset the user account without any luck....