We have a Pocket PC 2003SE XV6600WOC convergence device (Verizon) which is
experiencing an error after a hard reset. Prior to the hard reset it was
working fine.

I've reinstalled OneBridge 4.2.2004.1205 client. Upon selecting the
ActionSet which connects to a Lotus Notes database and creates a
database.sdf file it returns a sync error "Windows CE Client Adapter 126:
Sync error Failure loading Data Driver XDBADOCE. WinCE error code 126.

I checked the help and it stated the following:

126 Failure loading data driver
Windows CE Client Adapter 126: Sync Error

Problem: Failure loading Data Driver XDBADOCEWinCE error code 126

Possible Cause: The data driver is not on the device.

Solution: Copy the data driver specified in the error message to the device.
On Windows CE devices, copy the data driver to either the \windows directory
or the directory where Sync Server is installed. The data drivers can be
found in the c:\Program files\ExtendedSystems\OneBridge Sync
Server\Bin\DataDrivers folder on the machine where the Sync Server is

So I copied XDBADOCE.dll to the \Windows directory on the device and soft
reset it. I am now getting an error message: "Windows CE Client Adapter
2000: Sync error (Error 2000) (Function XDBOpenDatabase) Error creating the
connection COM Object.

I also installed the ADOCE 3.1 cabs to the device thinking that may be the

Right now I am stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.