Hi All
I am using PB6.5 (PFC based) . I have many list view
controls with the ExtendedSelect property ON. In one
scenario I am facing a problem. Assume that I right click on
a list view which will open another window. Now if i move
the mouse pointer to the list view
then the pointer comes with some lines which is bit
confusing . If i click once on the list view then the
problem does not happen.

I tried by changing the ExtendedSelect property to ON and
OFF in code , but still it happens.I assume that this is a
problem with PB 6.5 . So i downloaded a patch for 6.5.1 and
by copying the pbvm60.pbl alone in the application path
(EXE) this problem does not happen at all .

So I want to know whether this will have
a side effect in other areas.bcos I am using a DLL of 6.5.1
in 6.5.
Is it possible to know what all issues were fixed for the
patch 6.5.1

If this is not a solution please give some ideas on how to
fix this issue thru code.