1) It allowed to invoke server side logic from the client.
I'm meaning
implementing SoapConnection or allowing some kind of
through HTTP Post. I'm needing to call a Java workflow
server from
the client and I can´t. I DO know about the NVO thing but
that's not
what I want.

2) It supported Mozilla Firefox. This is a must, in my

3) It open sourced the server side part. If the logic is
generated in
the client, the server part is miscellanous stuff that if,
sourced, could be better integrated with other things

4) It run in Tomcat deployed as a standard WAR. Why is
needed an
EJB server, btw?.

5) It documented AppeonServer.db. I cannot even logon to it.

And very little else. Congratulations for what it seems to
be a very
good product.