we have problems with Windows Mobile 5 devices.

We receive a lot of provider network messages, broadcast as sms messages
after installing the pylon client on vodafone vpa II. we get the same
symptoms on telekom mda compact II.

these night i receive about 750 sms messages. Most of them with the message
"Sender cannot displayed". About 20% of these 750 messages are cell phone
broadcast messages. The device was off these morning. I think it was crashed
while reveiving these huge count of sms.

The mobile 5 devices also rebooting 5 to 30 times a day by themselves.

We checked that receiving cell broadcast is complete turned off!

We also complete cleared the devices (two test devices) and install
everything again with Pylon Anywhere 6.4.9 and latest client software.

We turned SMS push off.

We are using Network Push over GPRS.

What can we do to detect the reason for rebooting?

What can we do against the cellphone provider messages?

Thanks a lot,