Am trying to evaluate OneBridge.

I'm afraid I found documentation VERY confusing, but have got to the
stage where I have an XDA communicating with my laptop.

I have set up db adapters for XDA and laptop (the server).

Having eventually got rid of the errors 126 and 2000, I have finally
arrived at error 2007.

The app was developed using VS 2003, and is runnign on Pocket PC Ver 3.

Anybody any ideas what I should be looking for?

I just copied the adoce31 dlls into the opendridge folder on the device.
Can I take it that as I got rid of teh 2000 error the dlls are OK?

I've checked that there are no other programs using the database.

I'm just using the "ADO for WinCE" data driver and my connection string

data source=\My Documents\osl.sdf.

Any help gratefully appreciated.