I apologize for posting a nontechnical item in this newsgroup, but I
need your help.
I manage the TeamSybase program and every year we ask you, our valued
customers to cast your vote for the member of TeamSybase that has
provided the most assistance to you in the Sybase Newsgroups over the
past Year (2005).

Please send me an email (hmason@sybase.com) with your vote for the
person on TeamSybase who you believe has been the most helpful to you.

To be consistent with previous years, you can cast votes for two Team
members if you would like but please put them in order of top vote
first, etc.

The deadline for voting is March 14, 2006

Following is a list of all current TeamSybase members.

Bruce Armstrong
Millard Brown
Dawn Brown Eyes
Breck Carter
Larry Cermak
Sanjiv Das
Terry Dykstra
Jim Egan
David Fish
Jason Froebe
Boris Gasin
Carson Hager
Berndt Hamboeck
Paul Horan
Dean Jones
Steve Katz
Mike Nicewarner
John Olson
Michael Peppler
Kevin Sherlock
Adam Simmonds
John Strano
Andy Turiansky
Rob Verschoor
Terry Voth

Thank you very much for your time and assistance,

Harold Mason