I am pleased to announce that Software Tool & Die Inc. has just released
a new version of the SQLXtract utility (10.2.1) that reverse engineers
Sybase's proprietary SQL format (PBSELECT) into ANSI, PL/SQL or TransAct SQL
from the "DataWindow" object. The new version of the SQLXtract utility was
mainly revised to allow it to reverse engineer the source code from a
Unicode based library vs.. an ANSI format previously.

The output of SQLXTract is a textual .SQL file that can be input
directly into products like Quest Central (aka SQLExpert) for further
analysis. I have successfully tested the new version of SQLXTract with
Sybase's ASE 15 and Microsoft's SQLServer2005 DBMS versions of Quest Central
(by Quest Software). SQLXTract will also be able to handle the new Microsoft
DB access mechanisms, they are: OLE-DB and Support for the ODBC db
driver is still standard, but the native MS db driver support has been
dropped because Microsoft no longer supports this feature. For ASE 15,
SQLXTract supports ODBC, OLE-DB, and Open Client (native) DB driver
access mechanisms.

This new version of the SQLXTract utility will also work on Sybase's new
"WorkSpace" 1.5.x development tool that incorporates DW.Java (java based
DataWindow), DW.Net 2.x (.Net 2.0 version of the DataWindow) plug-in for
Visual Studio 2005, Infomaker 10.x (report writer), PowerBuilder 10.x and
PocketBuilder 2.x (PDA version of PowerBuilder for Windows Mobile)! The
support for all these other environments other than PowerBuilder is new to
this version of SQLXTract!

The PocketBuilder version of SQLXTract is a special version and exists
to handle the DW.wm (Windows Mobile DataWindow). The separate version will
be a PocketBuilder application and is designed to handle unique features of
DW.wm such as: SIP (System Input Device), Multiple Orientation, WM Fonts,
etc. The support for these specific DW features can only be found in the PDA
version. The PDA version of SQLXTract will be able to reverse engineer SQL
into ASA DBMS format and soon, MS-SQLServer CE. The PocketBuilder version of
SQLXTract is currently in Alpha, but is working well in my testing thus far
and will be released separately to CodeXchange in the near future!

The PowerBuilder 9.0.3 (ANSI) version of SQLXTract has been available on
CodeXchange for the past year. SQLXtract version 10.2.1 can be downloaded
from Sybase's CodeXchange (click here)!

Regards ... Chris
President: STD Inc