Welcome to the public RFID Anywhere Support Newsgroup

The purpose of this newsgroup is to exchange problems and solutions
concerning the use of RFID Anywhere, which is a software platform that
simplifies every phase of radio frequency identification (RFID) projects,
including development, deployment, and ultimately the management of highly
distributed, multi-site networks.

To ensure that we all receive the greatest benefit from this forum, we have
a few guidelines concerning its use, which can be found at

This forum is intended for people using RFID Anywhere. The RFID Anywhere
Developer Edition is available through the RFID Anywhere Insider program
(register at

Please take advantage of this forum to get assistance with any issues you
may encounter while using the software, and to provide us with feedback.

Together we'll make your RFID projects a success!

For more information on RFID Anywhere, see

The RFID Anywhere Team