With the new toolbar icons in PB10.5 we've had to do a
complete review of all icons used within our application due
to the changes that have been made to these in PB. Some of
them have come though ok, but others seem to have been
completely changed - e.g. the library icons used to be
different coloured 'library' buildings, but they have now
been changed to be stacks of books which unfortunately does
not work for what we have used those icons for within our

Are there any specific icon sets available from third party
suppliers that will match in nicely with the look and feel
of these new PB 10.5 icons? With the menu and toolbar
revamp in PB10.5 supposedly being based on Office
2003/Visual Studio 2005, I had initially thought that this
included the look of the icons as well, however unfortunatly
it doesn't, so I'm just struggling a bit to find some that
will match in. We don't really want to have to get into
designing new ones ourselves, as we don't really have any
relevant skills within our team, and they'll probably end up
looking quite naff!