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runs fine in development crashes at runtime 10.2

2 posts in EJB Client Last posting was on 2006-04-10 14:07:47.0Z
Scott Ewine Posted on 2006-03-17 16:59:23.0Z
From: "Scott Ewine" <>
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Subject: runs fine in development crashes at runtime 10.2
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I have two PowerBuilder 10.2 applications that I am writing that interface
to 3rd party APIs using Java 1.42. Both applications run fine in
development, but crash when compiled. I am checking the classpath/java
version, etc. in both cases and they are the same. The application crashes
when I call the first method in the class. Creating the virtual machine and
creating the instance work fine in development and when compiled.



zaphod Posted on 2006-04-10 14:07:47.0Z
From: zaphod
Newsgroups: sybase.public.powerbuilder.ejbclient
Subject: Re: runs fine in development crashes at runtime 10.2
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What are the names of your proxy .pbl's? I had a problem
where PB worked in development but crashed when I called a
Java class at runtime and this was due to a "." in the name
of my pbl. It was called "mynamefirst.mynamesecond.pbl". It
works when called "mynamefirst_mynamesecond.pbl".