I don't know if anyone has experienced this problem. I am
using AWID MPR-3014NF. I turned the "trace level" of the
AWID (hardware) connector to verbose and the "tags to read"
property to "MIXED".

I notice that when there are no tag within the reading
range, the reader is still reading "ISO Type B" tags. Please
refer to the attached log file from the AWID (hardware)
connector. Note that I don't have any of the ISO Type B tags
within the reading range of the RFID reader. According to
the log file, those tags are having unique tag IDs. I don't
know why the AWID (hardware) connector is reporting those

In addition, the AWID (hardware) connector stops reporting
tag appearance after a period of time (approximately 1 hour
or less). In case that happens, I need to manually stop the
service of the AWID (hardware) connector and restart it, in
order to have it working again.

If I change the "tags to read" property to
"EPC_CLASS1_GEN2". Then, it is very difficult to read the
GEN2 tags. I mean whenever a tag is observed, it gets lost
immediately. Please refer to the second log file.

Thank you very much for your assistance.