I am using a T-Mobile MDA running Windows Mobile 5.0 (5.1.70
build 14410.1.1.3) and am receiving errors synchronizing
some calendar items via Pylon that can be synchronized via
MS ActiveSync v4.1.

Our company runs the following versions of Pylon Anywhere:
Pylon Anywhere server: v6.4.6.6
Pylon Anywhere client: v6.5 (clientshell.exe v6.5.3.4)

The specific error message I get on the MDA (in Pylon) is:
"Error occurred while setting calendar field 243." This is
followed by the calendar entry information and the note
about running out of memory.

The MDA has more than 22 MB of available memory at that
point so I don't think it's really out of memory. Also,
ActiveSync v4.1 is able to process the same calendar entries
without any problem (I tried that with Pylon Anywhere turned
off and the Pylon tests were with ActiveSync turned off).

Any thoughts on where to continue troubleshooting?

Mike Wilson