ADS replication does not synchronize databases, but replicates data
changes instead. To have the same data on two locations, you could
backup the database on location (a) and restore it on location (b), but
if the main database is productive, you'll lose the data changes
between backup and restore. In that case you need some kind of initial
sync: Zap the tables on the remote location and insert the records from
the main database while replication is active (and so replicates all
changes during the whole process).
I wrote a utility which does that job. It also adjusts the table
structure if you add/delete/modify a field in the main database and
disables replication on the remote site during the whole process. You
can download it (including Delphi 2005 source code) from

Please bear in mind that you use that utility at your own risk;)

Joachim Duerr
Senior Product Support Analyst (Advantage Database Server)
iAnywhere Solutions / Extended Systems
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