Hi again, I think that the cause of the problem is the
application because recently I made a migration from PW6.5
to PW10.0, since this change all went to go bad.
In some cases when a user makes a query from the client
application the app is blocked and in the log that I have
activated in the ODBC I can see this:

16:50:51 [ 243] The number of prefetch rows has been
reduced to 28 due to the prefetch buffer
16:50:51 [ 243] limit. Consider using the PrefetchBuffer
connection parameter.

Maybe this could be the reason of the failure? I have
changed this parameters in the ODBC connection to
prows=10000;pbuf=16384. But the problem persists and now I'm
lost, maybe it's a problem of the code in PW??

Please help me, Miguel Angel.