I am pleased to announce the release of PBDoc v3 at PBDR.COM. This new
version of PBDoc is a major upgrade with most of the application rewritten
to exploit the improvements in XML Technology and PowerBuilder since the v2
product was originally developed.

PBDoc is a utility designed to produce high quality documentation for your
applications direct from the source code of your application. PBDoc has
advanced features which extract descriptions direct from the source code of
your application and uses the extracted text to create professional
documentation. PBDoc has a set of templates supplied with the product, these
templates can be customized to suit your own standards or new templates can
be added to the product.

PBDoc v3 uses XML and XSLT to generate the documentation and comes with
three new advanced templates. The templates are fully customizable and new
templates can easily be added to the PBDoc engine. A summary of the new
features in v3 are listed below:

- Three new advanced documentation templates providing high quality
professional output.

- XML/XSLT: PBDoc's output is now completely customizable with no

- PBDoc uses the same techniques for extracting key data items from your
application but now generates an XML file for each class

- PBDoc templates use a set industry standard XSLT files to convert the
XML into the documentation

- XSLT files can be customized or new templates created using your own

- Project Based: PBDoc's setting are now stored with the project, this
allows you to easily swap between the documentation for different projects
without the need to reconfigure the options.

- Pocket PowerBuilder: PBDoc now supports Pocket PowerBuilder applications
to generate documentation.

- Unicode Support: PBDoc has improvements to the Unicode support and allows
Unicode and Ansi source to be mix and matched.

- Stored Procedures: PBDoc has always produced Cross Reference lists for
Database tables, now it also supports Stored Procedures.

- Database Connection: PBDoc reads the database settings from the
PowerBuilder IDE to save you retyping them in.

- Source Parsing: PBDoc has a new source code parsing engine to improve the
accuracy of results. New features of the language such as exceptions are

- Source File Support: PBDoc will now document PB Source files (*.sr*) and
no longer has a dependency on source code in pbl files.

- Windows XP: PBDoc has an improved interface with restyled Icons with an XP

Visit www.pbdr.com and download a trial copy of PBDoc and try the
improvements for yourself,

-- Ken