As anyone had issues since upgrading to version 7. I have had no issues at
all under version 6.xx, or prior versions, but since updating all kinds of
issues such as:

The server cpu runs at 90 - 100% non-stop.
Server gate way errors that temporarily go away with a reboot.
Users complain of non-stop alerts all night - treo lights come on, beeps
that it can not make contact as the phone is off.
Calendars to not sync properly since the update
Numerous users have had to 're-set' their account.
Treo 650s drops calls or misses calls continuously
Many calls go right into voice mail.
Many complaints about the new GUI - batt at top (personally this sucks how
can you thumb click to see your batt % anymore??)
Removal of sync express??? bad idea. I have users who travel internationally
and this was a great way to simply sync required data as roaming rates are
very expensive. This removal will cost thousands of dollars!

Please tell me how I can go back to server 6, and easily get the clients
back to 6 as well and notify me of when 7.xx is an improvement on 6.xx

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