Hello All - A question about Pylon AnyWhere v for Exchange on
Win2k3 server with PalmOS clients -

- I have one user that generates a large number of sync error messages on
the User Activity Logs:

"Stripping corrupted attachments for 0x_something Subject:: ......"
"Unexpected failure detected: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"

- initially I thought it was his attachment size setting on his Pylon Client
on his Treo650 -

- then I thought it was because he was continually near his quota limit on
his Exchange account (when he clears out his Exchange folders, another
message with an attachment soon causee the errors again) -

NOTE: not all message & attachments cause his account to generate the error
messages - he is the only user that generates these message (well, it is
extremely rare that anyone else generates these kinds of messages)

- any pointers? suggestions? -

thanks, chris o.