I have disabled the notes address book conduit (am still syncing with the
notes calendar however), and enabled the outlook syncronization. I want to
sync my address book with notes, and my contacts will outlook.

When I start up HotSync, I get a dialog with the following message:

"A conflict int he installed conduits has been detected. This is caused
when two different conduits are using the same PIM data type (e.g., Address
Book vs. Contacts). To allow synchcronization to proceed, use the HotSync
Custom dialog to change one set of conduits to "Do Nothing."

Anyone ever seen this before?

I am using the trial version, and this will seriously impact my decision to
purchase. I must say, for a product that's quite expensive for what it does,
I'm somewhat disturbed by the lack of technical support provided. (I don't
want to pay 29.99 for the right to call tech support just to find out that
it's a limitation of the software!).

Thank you in advance!

Colin Gibb