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Performance warning: Database File consist of disk fragment.

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2006-05-26 06:31:08.0Z
Fenix Posted on 2006-05-26 04:05:48.0Z
From: "Fenix" <>
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Subject: Performance warning: Database File consist of disk fragment.
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Hello, everybody.

I use 3 hard disk to create a RAID 5 Storage array, and install win 2000
server with sp 4 to create a new system. After I install sybase 9.0 in that,
I unload a database from sybase 5.5 and reload it into new 9.0 database. It
success the unload/reload action. And then I run dbeng90 and ISQL to take a
look in the database, also successfully open the ISQL.

But I am worry about a performance warning shows in dbeng90 :

Performance warning: Database file "C:\new_db\db9\bbc.db" consists of 1903
disk fragments.

So I want to know what it means and how to solve the performance problem?

Thank you.

Greg Fenton Posted on 2006-05-26 06:31:08.0Z
From: Greg Fenton <>
Organization: iAnywhere Solutions Inc.
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Subject: Re: Performance warning: Database File consist of disk fragment.
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Fenix wrote:
> Performance warning: Database file "C:\new_db\db9\bbc.db" consists of 1903
> disk fragments.

This means that the database file is fragmented across the disk and the
engine is warning you that there may be a performance penalty because of

A couple of points:
- the fact that you are using a RAID may mean this is a moot warning
- RAID 1+0 is typically the better choice for a database server from
a performance standpoint
- when you go to reload a database, it is recommended that you
pre-allocate the disk space for the .db file to a size close to what
you expect your .db file to grow to (see ALTER DBSPACE GROW ...)
- you might consider defragmenting your file system after the database
has grown considerably (DiskDefrag, Disk Keeper, a tool from, etc...)

Greg Fenton
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