I am please to announce that the STD Foundation classes (version 2.0.4A)
have been released to the Sybase CodeXchange server. This version matches
the identical release of PocketBuilder (version 2.0.4 - build 940). In this
version of the FC's I have made the following enhancements ...

Release 2.0.4A Changes ...

1) Correction to DW Control to keep the SIP state properly in the DW
Object's columns (WM 5.0).
2) Response Window abstract changed to prevent vertical movement when
multiple SIP states are changing (WM 5.0)
3) Response Window abstract changed to stop Notification Bubble from
interfering with the SIP state (WM 5.0).

Release 2.0.4 Changes ...

1) Minor drawing adjustments for Windows Mobile 5.0 O/S.
2) All visual and non-visual User objects now have an "oe_PostConstructor"
3) New "MSN Messenger" menu item added.
4) Colour dialog Radio button initialization fixed under WM2005.
5) New "update" performance gathering statistics added for all DW Controls.
6) Screen split adjustment made on the "Log Viewer" dialog.

I hope that you find these improvements useful and that the FC's help to
accelerate your application development experience with PocketBuilder.

Regards ... Chris
President: Software Tool & Die Inc.