Dear All,

I am creating user objects dynamically and allowing user to
Drag & drop anywhere in window. It is working fine when user
drags the object within the actual size of the window.

When they scroll the window vertically or horizontally for
placing then object I am not able to get the X & Y position
from the top of the window.

let me explain more clearely.

1. It is a datawindow user object.
2. In that user object, in the lbutton event I positioned
picture as per the Xpos & Ypos arguments.
3. Those two arguments returns the mouse position not from
the top of the window.

Finally What I want to know is, I want to findout how much
powerbuilder units / pixels have been scrolled by the user.

its very urgent, plz help me out to solve the problem at the
earliest as possible,

Thanks in advance for any help


Ranjith T