Hello all

I am wondering about some things.

PA 7.0.8

The user had an account in PA, then he was deleted, they changed him to
roaming user in domino.

Then when they tried to set him up in PA again, where you upload the notes
id it should say like roaming\names.nsf, the PA server remembered him from
several days back where his old names (addressbook) where allocated, it has
been like this for 2 weeks, we have tried alot of things ,obviously not the
right thing, so can someone please help us?

And if you delete a user from the DIAG, the webadmin interface doesnt get
updated, so how about the license count, the lisence count dindt either get
updated in webadmin, from where does PA read the lisences?

When we added a user to PA we had to change his notes id password from
having a space in it, like in 12345"space" (not the word space) =)however
we havent verified that, but does anyone know if that could be a problem?