Experienced developer wanted to take charge of refactoring and extending
existing modules and to create new modules linking two major world-wide
industry-leading systems. If you are looking for a position where you can
see your work being used in over 60 countries, where you can take ownership
of part of a system handling millions of transactions in an industry
comprising over 5% of global cargo traffic, if you think solving real-life
puzzles is fun, if you think results are more important than the stigma of
using legacy technology, if you work both hard and smart (but actively avoid
having to work overtime), then you should contact us.

Creativity, problem solving abilities and maturity are highly valued.
Applicants should know PB and PL/SQL very well. Having an eye for data
presentation (reporting) is a big plus. Knowledge of SOA and EDI are

We are taking both consultants and employees, and we definitely pay well.
The position is full-time, long-term.
Location: Brussels.

To apply, send a resume to:
Herbert Putteneers, beyondcape@mac.com