Hi, I use ole object in pb10.2 to send and received message
from msmq. If the computer is local computer name, it is
But when I use a another computer name (in the network), I
can send the message, but when i recieve message, I got
system error 35.

How to solve this problem? help please.

Sample code:

OleObject myQInfo
OleObject myQDest
OleObject myQMsg

myQInfo = Create OleObject
myQDest = Create OleObject
myQMsg = Create OleObject


//if mycompurter is local computer name, it's okay.
//If it is another computer name, error will come out at
//next line.
myqinfo.FormatName ="DIRECT=OS:mycomputername\PRIVATE$\test"

//error will come out at this line, if I change it to
//open(2,0) for sending message, it will be okay.
myQDest = myQInfo.Open(1, 0)