Hi All,
Below is the list of some new interesting features that have been added in
the Answers Anywhere 4.5. You can download it from

- Native(Embedded) version: Develop Answers Anywhere native applications by
converting agent networks into C++/C classes.
- Dialog framework: API Support for missing and invalid fields and
- New service providers:
- FieldValidatorServiceProvider: Support basic dialoging functions.
- XmlWebServiceProvider: used to connect and extract the data from an XML
- Synonym file enhancement: Support for multi-token targets (e.g. "new york:
- Applying templates to multiple agents: Select multiple agents in ANDE
workspace and apply selected template to all of them in one go.
- Improvements to Date & Time component: Date time component now can make
correct interpretaions on phrases like: "between 2pm, sat and 11pm, fri".
- Improvements to RSSFeedServiceProvider: Now parameters can be specified to
access the RSS feed, and the RSSFeedServiceProvider can be configured to
specify which results should be returned.
- New improvements in the policy language conditions:
-/TOKEN: matches a single token (any token). Previously only certain token
types could be matched using this condition (e.g. /TOKEN('WORD')
or /TOKEN('NUMERIC')). Now you can use /TOKEN with no arguments to match
any token of any type.
-/CONTEXT: Now also matches possible values of missing or invalid fields
saved in the context.
-/CONTEXT:KWD: New condition to match numbers (or words) associated with
the previous ambiguities saved in the context.