I have a customer who is experiencing intermittent strange problems. We
only have a couple of Netware customers, so I'm starting to think that
may have something to do with it. Nobody else has reported these kinds
of problems to us.

The problems are mostly involving queries not returning correct results,
either missing records, or returning records which shouldn't be in the
result set.

A few of the cases involve grids (we use dxDBGrid) - in one case they
tried to delete a selected record, but the record immediately after was
the one deleted; in another case, the grid was missing two records that
should have been there. In one problem, after using an UPDATE query, I
had tried calling table1.refresh, and grid.refresh, but that didn't
work. I had to close and reopen the table in order to ensure that the
grid was showing the updated numbers.

Also in one case, one workstation shows a record and another workstation
doesn't. They had to restart the program a couple of times before the
record would appear.

It's possible that there's a subtle bug in my code, but the problem has
the flavor of a misbehaving cache, or perhaps some kind of contention.
Or maybe it's both a bug and a cache issue :)

I don't know much about Netware, so I'm not even sure if these problems
have anything to do with it. Any hints would be appreciated.