Position: - Sybase DBA
Type: - Permanent
Location: - MD
Job Description:
Core Duties & Responsibilities:

* Install and upgrade Sybase servers and configure them according
to in-house requirements.
* Assist in hardware and operating systems maintenance;
* Design and create databases according to requests of application
developers and users;
* Create/Update objects (tables, views, movers, and stored procedures);
* Configure/Perform database backup and recovery;
* Add/Delete user accounts, roles, maintain security and audit
* Assist users in creation and optimization of SQL queries;
* Perform database consistency checks and troubleshooting;
* Maintain current documentation on server configurations and
maintenance procedures;
* Monitor performance and tune the database and server parameters;
* Track database growth over time and allocate space as needed;
* Work with Sybase Technical Support to resolve issues;
* Perform other related duties as assigned.

Must Haves:

* Sybase DBA experience.
* Sybase IQ and replication a plus.
* MSFT SQL Server a plus.
* Scripting experience a plus.

Educational Qualifications:
BS in Information Technology or related field required.
Advanced Degree in the Information Technology field is preferred.

301.657.5525 x 272
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Posted by:
Mike Nicewarner [TeamSybase]
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