I am pleased to announce the release of PBDoc v3.1 at PBDR.COM. This new
version of PBDoc is a minor update to the existing product and is a free
update for existing v3.x users. The new update includes 4 new templates
including a suite of Office/Word HTML templates which will generate Word
documents from your PowerBuilder code.

PBDoc is a utility designed to produce high quality documentation for your
applications direct from the source code of your application. PBDoc has
advanced features which extract descriptions direct from the source code of
your application and uses the extracted text to create professional
documentation. PBDoc has a set of templates supplied with the product, these
templates can be customized to suit your own standards or new templates can
be easily added to the product.

PBDoc uses XML and XSLT to generate the documentation and comes with a set
of 8 templates. The templates are fully customizable and new templates can
easily be added to the PBDoc engine.

Visit www.pbdr.com and download a trial copy of PBDoc or view the gallery of
sample documentation,

-- Ken