Software Tool & Die Inc. is pleased to announce that we have released a
complete EAServer framework for PowerBuilder 10.2.1 and higher that allows
PowerBuilder developers the ability to develop complete ASP/ASP.Net 1.1 or
2.0 applications that utilize the full power of EAServer, PowerBuilder and
the Web DataWindow!

The framework has been uploaded to Sybase's CodeXchange server and
includes a PowerDesigner diagram of the FC structure and PowerPoint
presentation of its architecture approach. The STD FC's for EAS/PB have been
developed over the past 3 years and are currently in use in production at 5
major Canadian Government Departments. The framework is ultra fast and can
easily sustain 1,000 concurrent sessions per minute on one EAServer while
being ultra small at 500K compiled.

The STD EAS FC's represent a significant enhancement to the way a PB
developer works (productivity), the capabilities of PB, and
optimization/leverage of the EAServer (Application Server) System. These
FC's were developed with the PowerBuilder (PB) PFC in mind, but ... have
been made easier to use, more efficient (less overhead), more intuitive,
parameter driven and more "Object Oriented". Initial testing with one
EAServer has shown this architecture can easily support 1,000 sessions
minute or more!

Since this FC was developed in Canada's National capital, it was
architected to support multiple languages. Of course Canada supports both
French and English, but the STD FC's were built to support any combination
of languages, either now or in the future. The general approach is "static"
language switching (where the user picks the language at "logon" time).
However, the STD EAS FC's also support "dynamic" language switching as well.

The STD EAS FC's are a port of the PocketBuilder FC's compliment originally
designed for the PocketPC and a hybrid adaptation of Web.PB and ASP/
alignment. The interesting thing about these classes is the "small"
footprint and exceptional speed at which it operates. On one EAServer, where
every CPU cycle is precious, the FC's have proven heir worth. Now you can
enjoy a "Light" version of the PFC without the heavy learning curve or high
compile overhead. The STD EAS FC's will compile to around 500K (PBD form)
compared to nearly 12M for the Sybase PFC's which can not even be used
within EAServer!

CodeXchange link:

Regards ... Chris Pollach
President - STD Inc.