Software Tool & Die Inc. is pleased to announce that we have released a
complete ASP.Net 2.0 example webform application built entirely from the STD
FC's and PowerBuilder 10.2.1 for EAServer. This demonstrates that you can
use ANY version of PowerBuilder to develop rich ASP.Net Webform applications
that utilize the full power of EAServer, PowerBuilder and the Web
DataWindow. The resulting applications will be able to: support any web
browser; conform to strict Section 508 / CLF web design standards and; scale
up exponentially for large web activity!

The example application has been uploaded to Sybase's CodeXchange server
and includes documentation describing how to fully install and configure the
application within the PB and EAS environments. Please look in the
"PowerBuilder" section ad then the "PB & EAServer" subsection to find this
example and the original FC's posted there a few days ago.

The STD EAS FC's represent a significant enhancement to the way a PB
developer works (productivity), the capabilities of PB, and
optimization/leverage of the EAServer (Application Server) System.

CodeXchange link:

Happy New Year!!

Regards .. Chris Pollach
President: STD Inc.
PS: PB 10.5.x version will be posted later this coming week.
PPS: PB 11 version is available for beta testing - eMail me!
PPPS: I have PB 8.0.4 and PB 9.0.3 versions of the framework too. -:)