Sybase is currently recruiting people to add to our pool of
candidates for Usability testing.

What is Usability Testing?
Usability testing is a prime opportunity to evaluate Sybase
products during the early stages of development, when it's
easiest to make changes. Usability Engineering's charter is
to evaluate new Sybase products and functionality for
effectiveness, ease of use, intuitiveness and acceptability.

Usability tests are usually conducted over the Internet and
consist of a test subject attempting to perform real-world
tasks using prototype functionality. During the test, a note
taker will observe, and a usability engineer will converse
with the test subject on their reaction to the software. The
results of these tests are taken to the development team,
problems are evaluated and solutions found.

What's In It For You?
In exchange for your time, you will be paid for each test
session in which you participate. Current compensation is a
$75.00 gift certificate for a 1-2 hour test (more
for longer tests).

More importantly, you will have the knowledge that you
contributed to improving the quality of a Sybase product.

How Can You Help?
Sign up to be a test-subject! We need people with varying
levels of Sybase and/or competitive product experience, from
every line of work, including financial, technical, business
and administrative. Some tests occur in the Dublin
California lab, but most tests take place over the Internet,
utilizing LiveMeeting and a toll-free conference call

We are looking for candidates with the following experience:
• application server management
• database server management
• business process management
• implementation of business processes
• data modeling
• database development
• database administration
• web application development
• service development
• jsp development
• java development
• .NET development experience
We would also be interested in non-technical candidates such
as sales people or executives who use devices such as
PDA’s, Blackberry or Web enabled phones.

To sign up or ask questions about being a test-subject, or
about Sybase's usability testing program, e-mail with your full name, location and
preferred email address. You will receive periodic email
from us announcing testing sessions.

Debra Arneson
Sybase Usability Engineer
603 230 7136