Hi all,
We are using Roy's FTP wrapper for WININET.DLL,
The environment is Windows XP, IE 6, and PB 10.0.2.
We are trying to use the of_ftpcommand() function.  The problem we are having is that the code in the function isn't finding the wininet32.dll so that it can get the version number.  I seem to remember that the code that checks to see which version of windows is running will check in either the /windows/system32 or /windows/system directory depending on the version of windows that is being run.  So I have always put a copy of the wininet.dll into the /windows/system directory in addition to the one in /windows/system32.  That has always worked.  Now it's not.
Is anyone using this function from Roy's execellent wrapper?  If so, have you had to do anything special to help it find the wininet.dll file?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Doug Harding
State of Utah/Division of Finance