Hello all, using PB105 and trying to generate EJB proxies.
First thing
is that this java component isn't actually an EJB, but,
according to
Sybase documentation, in theory, any Java class can be
called as an EJB
as long as you trick PB into thinking it's an EJB.

With that said. I have a jar file (ABC.jar) and in that jar
there is a
class I want to call: ABC. I also have the home interface
class as
well: ABCHome. Both are in the same package within the jar:
So, my two classes are ABC and ABCHome and both are located
in abc\def
in ABC.jar

Here's the problem: ABC has a dependancy on
javax.xml.soapelement. This
is okay, since I have another jar file with all the related
classes in it. But, obviously these classes are in a
different package
(and a different jar file, for that matter).

Now, when I set up my project, I have ABC as my EJB class,
ABCHome as
my home interface class and C:\myJava\ABC.jar for my
Additionally, in System Options -> Java I have placed the
jars that
ABC.jar depends on (including the jar that contains
javax.xml.soapelement). However, when I attempt to deploy,
it says it
cannot find javax.xml.soapelement. Here's the error:

---------- Deploy: Deploy of abc
Retrieving PowerBuilder Proxies from EJB...
Generation Errors: ERROR:Could not find

Deployment Error: No files returned for
Error code: Unknown. Proxy was not created.
---------- Finished Deploy of abc.

Like I said, I think I have my classpaths (the one for the
project and
the system-wide one) correct, but it still cannot locate the
soapelement class. If anyone can please help with this.