We have a user running the following (2 stations, ALS):
Windows 2003 SBS Server, 2 GB Ram
100 MB Network bandwidth to the workstations w/ Gigabit network card in the
Workstations are a mixture of Windows XP and Windows 2000
MS Exchange running on the server
App is stored on a fileshare off of the server

With a single user logged in, the throughput it fine. When a second user
logs on, both PC's slow to a crawl. In a grid search (InfoPower), text entry
is delayed by 3-4 seconds per keystroke.

When the second user logs off, things remain slow.

This happens regardless of which workstation is being used (XP or 2000).

When the first user closes and restarts the app, things pick up to the
normal speed.

The largest file (150 in total) is 27 meg; the largest file that's part of
the grid slowness is 5 meg.