Get ready to feel the power! iAnywhere's latest release of SQL Anywhere,
Version 10, is sure to get your engine running!

Our "Feel the Power" webcast series gives you useful information that can
help ensure you get the most out of SQL Anywhere. It includes webcasts on
how and why to move to SQL Anywhere 10, how to use SQL Anywhere on Windows
Vista, and how to run SQL Anywhere when high availability is a key
requirement. If any of these topics are on the horizon for your company in
2007, then you won't want to miss out on our new SQL Anywhere 10 Webcast
series. The series is composed of three practical webcasts:

1. Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 10 (February 20)

This presentation will provide a useful overview of how to upgrade your
current databases and sync applications to the latest SQL Anywhere 10
release. Behaviour changes from previous SQL Anywhere releases will be
discussed. An overview of the tools that ease the migration to SQL Anywhere
10 will also be provided.

2. SQL Anywhere on Windows Vista (February 27)

Windows Vista is Microsoft's most significant new operating system release
in over five years. This webcast provides tips and tricks on using SQL
Anywhere in a Vista environment. This includes a brief overview of the
change to Vista that impact SQL Anywhere, any installation and software
changes that have been made, and tips on ensuring your SQL Anywhere users
can take full advantage of the Vista environment. As new systems roll out
with Vista, you will be getting more questions form your customers on this
release - so don't miss out!

3. SQL Anywhere 10 High Availability (March 6)

This presentation provides information on using SQL Anywhere 10 in a High
Availability environment. The focus of the presentation will be on the
built-in High Availability features that are part of SQL Anywhere 10,
including database mirroring and cluster agents. This will include a
demonstration of a sample SQL Anywhere database setup using version 10's
database mirroring feature as will as a sample of a cluster environment,
using the Veritas Cluster Server. A review of various failover scenarios
will also be provided.

There is no cost to attend this Webcast, but registration is required. To
register, visit or
call 1-800-801-2069.