I apologize for the redundant post as this message was posted last week,
however due to a problem with the message title, I am concerned that many
people did not see it as a new post.

I would like to invite you to participate/vote in the annual TeamSybase MVP

I manage the TeamSybase program and every year we ask you, our valued
customers, to cast your vote for the member of TeamSybase that has been the
most helpful to you in the Sybase Newsgroups during the past Year (2006).

Simply send an email to hmason@sybase.com and copy lpilsbur@sybase.com with
the name of the TeamSybase member has been the most helpful to you. Please
do *not* post your votes in the Newsgroups.

To be consistent with previous years, you can cast votes for two Team
members if you would like, but please put them in order of top vote first,

The deadline for voting is February 28, 2007

For a list of current TeamSybase members, please visit

Thank you for taking the time to vote in the annual TeamSybase MVP awards.

Harold Mason