I create a #q_pac temporary table with the next query:

text to lcComando noshow textmerge pretext 7
select pa.p_id, mu.analisis, mu.status, mu.no_result, pa.contrasena,
mu.registro, mu.tipo_estud, pa.sucursal
into #q_pac
from paciente pa, muestras mu
where mu.fch_hr_vob >= '20061016'and mu.fch_hr_vob <= '20070205'
and pa.p_id = mu.id
order by pa.p_id
lnres = sqlexec(ghandle,lcComando,'q_pac')

But when I enter to the same procedure to the second time, I get the error
that the "table already exist", then I need to delete the temporary table
#q_pad, but when I use the sentense "delete file #q_pac" I get the error
"Access denied", then How Can I release or close the temporary table #q_pac.