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LIS application

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2007-02-20 08:45:35.0Z
Raghu Posted on 2007-02-19 22:55:48.0Z
From: Raghu
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Subject: LIS application
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I am trying to simulate a LIS application. For creating
alerts inthe message trnasports I do not see any connectors
though I deployed the connecters delivered by RFIDAnywhere
e.g: Ekhau RTLS connecter).

Another problem is in RFID Simulator Data Editor while
creating groups > create tags if I use RTLS group DPP I am
seeing an error Object Reference not found. If I use default
DPP it is working.

I am not getting how exactly to simulate a RTLS - LIS
application on my laptop. Please let me know the steps to
create a LIS applciation.


David Posted on 2007-02-20 08:45:35.0Z
From: "David" <>
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Subject: Re: LIS application
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In orther to work with Simlutator you ONLY should use the RA_DPP (I mean the
RfidAnywhere DPP). Simulator cannot work with other DPPs.

If you are not seeing the Messaging Connector is due to: are worng defined
or you are running an older version.