OneBridge v5.5 Hot Fix Release 5.5.2007.0201 As of February 21, 2007



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Important Notes *See the Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone Updates for 2007*

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Important Notes


Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone Updates for 2007

Client Meeting Request Functionality

Multi-Node Upgrade Procedure

Advantage Data Architect

Advantage Remote Server


Schema Checker

File Transfer Support

Rollback Limitations

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Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone Updates for 2007

As of b5.5.2007.0201, updates are included in the OneBridge patch to address the 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) and time zone updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Following is our recommendation for the order in which to apply the OneBridge DST patch, Microsoft DST updates, Notes updates, and mobile device updates. Please research the Microsoft and IBM DST web sites mentioned later for information and specific details on applying the updates and using the tools supplied by those vendors. Read through and understand all steps before beginning, and follow these steps in this exact order to ensure best chances of a successful upgrade.

1.      Apply the OneBridge DST patch (b5.5.2007.0201 or later) to OneBridge servers, adapters, and listeners.

Note: The OneBridge patch must be applied before performing the steps below, otherwise if a OneBridge sync is performed after Windows OS DST updates are in place but prior to the OneBridge patch being in place, device calendar entries within the extended DST period may be off by one hour.

2.      Apply the Microsoft Windows OS DST update on the servers running the OneBridge server, adapters, and listeners.

3.      In OneBridge environments running against Exchange:

a.      Apply the Microsoft Exchange CDO update on the server running the OneBridge Exchange adapter/listener.

                                                              i.      iAnywhere testing has found that if a previous version of CDO was installed via the ExchangeMapiCdo.exe download, it must be uninstalled before the latest version of CDO will successfully install (via ExchangeMapiCdo.exe)

                                                             ii.      A bug exists in the version 06.05.7888 version of ExchangeMapiCdo.exe that may cause OneBridge customers to receive an 0x8004011d error. Until Microsoft has a fix for the bug, this problem can be worked around by replacing the v06.05.7888 of emsmdb32.dll with the older v06.05.7830 of that DLL. See OneBridge Knowledge Base item 2943 for details (

b.      Apply the Microsoft Windows OS DST update on the server running Exchange. This update is primarily needed for users running Outlook Web Access that are creating calendar entries.

c.      Apply the Microsoft Exchange update on the server running Exchange. This update is primarily needed for users running Outlook Web Access that are creating calendar entries.

4.      In OneBridge environments running against Notes/Domino:

a.      Verify “UseNotesTimeZone = 1” is NOT in the notes.ini file on the server running the OneBridge Notes adapter/listener.

b.      On the server running Domino:

                                                              i.      Stop the Domino server

                                                             ii.      Apply the Microsoft Windows OS DST update

                                                           iii.      Verify “UseNotesTimeZone = 1” is NOT in the notes.ini file

                                                          iv.      Reboot the server

                                                            v.      If there are iNotes or Domino Web Access users, apply updates to the web access forms files by applying a Domino server fix pack or manually making the edits. As of February 14, 2007, the fix packs are available for Domino 7.0.1, 7.0.2, and 6.5.5. The fix for 6.5.4 is coming afterwards.

                                                          vi.      Run the applicable LotusScript agents to update the Domino Web Access databases, the calendar and scheduling entries for users, and the reservations and reservations database.

5.      Install the updated OneBridge clients (b5.5.2007.0202 or later) to all devices

6.      Install mobile device updates as provided OS vendors

a.      Deploy the Microsoft Windows Mobile CAB that exists for Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone devices

b.      No known Palm OS updates exist as of February 14, 2007

c.      No known Symbian OS updates exist as of February 14, 2007

7.      In OneBridge environments using Outlook on desktop PCs:

a.      Apply the Microsoft Windows OS DST update to all PCs running Outlook. Note: Windows Vista does not need this update applied.

b.      To update existing calendar entries that are affected by the new DST rules:

                                                              i.      The Exchange administrator should run the Microsoft Exchange Calendar Update Tool (msextmz.exe) against the Exchange server

                                                             ii.      Every end-user should run the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook (tzmove.exe) from each PC running Outlook

8.      In OneBridge environments running Notes on desktop PCs:

a.      Apply the Microsoft Windows OS DST update to all PCs running Notes. Note: Windows Vista does not need this update applied.

b.      Reboot the PC

c.      Verify “UseNotesTimeZone = 1” is NOT in the notes.ini file

d.      Run the applicable LotusScript agents that will update any existing Notes calendar entries and resource reservations to conform to the new DST rules.


Following are additional important details regarding the DST patches and updates:


  1. Calendaring times shown on the device may be incorrect if the patches, updates, and utilities discussed above are either not all run, or they are not run in the order specified.
  2. In order for Notes/Domino to work as expected, it is necessary for the operating system to be restarted after the Microsoft Windows OS DST update has been installed. The Notes client or Domino server should be shut down while the Microsoft Windows OS DST update is being applied.
  3. At this time, Microsoft has not made the Windows DST update available for Windows 2000 and older Windows operating systems. For those environments, Microsoft provides the TZEdit.exe tool that can modify time zone DST rules. After running the TZEdit.exe tool, the time zone must be changed to a different time zone and then changed back to the correct time zone in order for Windows to reset the current time zone to abide by updated DST rules. From the Windows Taskbar, select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Date/Time -> Time Zone (tab) -> select another time zone -> click Apply -> reset to your time zone -> click Apply -> click OK.
  4. After installing the Microsoft update for Windows Mobile devices, the time zone must be changed to a different time zone and then changed back to the correct time zone in order for Windows Mobile to reset the current time zone to abide by the updated DST rules:
    1. For Pocket PC: Select Start -> Settings -> System tab -> Clock & Alarms-> select another time zone -> select OK and Yes (to save it) -> reselect your time zone -> select OK and Yes.
    2. For Smartphone: Select Start -> Settings -> Clock & Alarms-> Date and Time -> select another time zone -> select Done (to save it) -> reselect your time zone -> select Done


For the latest information about Microsoft updates and tools to address the 2007 DST and time zone changes, please go to


For the latest information about Lotus Notes/Domino updates and agents to address the 2007 DST and time zone changes, please go to

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Client Meeting Request Functionality

The ability to enable or disable client side creation of meeting requests/reschedules/cancellations has been implemented.

Following are instructions on how to implement for Exchange or Notes.


          To disable, add the following setting to the exchangesettings.xml file in the OneBridge Sync Server\Bin directory:




          To disable, add the following setting to the notessettings.xml file in the OneBridge Sync Server\Bin directory:


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Multi-Node Upgrade Procedure

The current patch installer requires that all nodes in a multi-node configuration are shutdown before applying the patch.

1. Shutdown all OneBridge services and applications on all nodes.

2. Apply that patch installer to all nodes.

3. Start up all nodes.

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Advantage Data Architect

When using Advantage Data Architect on a OneBridge server it is important not to recollate any OneBridge tables to a different language. All tables must use Engl(Amer) as their collation sequence. When installing Advantage Data Architect on a OneBridge server, it is recommended that you update the adslocal.cfg file in the installation directory to use "ANSI_CHAR_SET=Engl(Amer)". This will avoid accidentally changing the collation sequence when viewing tables.

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Advantage Remote Server

In some cases while using Advantage Remote Server and after shutting down the OneBridge service, the OneBridge tables will still be unavailable for exclusive access. In this case you must restart the Advantage Remote Server to free the tables.

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The dbupgrade.exe program located in the OneBridge Bin folder can be used to upgrade OneBridge tables. This program uses the upgrade functionality in upgrdhelper.dll. The patch installer also uses upgrdhelper.dll to upgrade OneBridge tables. For standard installations, the patch installer should perform all necessary table upgrades. For cloned installations, the customer must run dbupgrade.exe on each cloned installation. The command syntax in this case is dbupgrade.exe clone "Bin-Path". DbUpgrade looks in the Bin folder for the exchange and notes settings files to locate the data folder.

NOTE: Clone upgrades can't be performed while using ADS remote server on the cloned node. Also, the table schema for cloned installations is not currently verified.

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Schema Checker

The schema checker validates that all OneBridge tables are configured properly. The schema checker has been moved from the OneBridge service into the patch installer. If the patch installer detects a schema issue, the tables are listed and the specific issues are logged to the NT event log.

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Rollback Limitations

The Patch Delivery installer does not support rollback.  The Remove option in the Windows Add/Remove programs applet will remove the entry from Add/Remove programs, but should not change the installed file versions.  The Remove option is provided only to allow this removal from Add/Remove programs if you are uninstalling OneBridge or Client Deployment Wizard.  If you are uninstalling OneBridge or Client Deployment Wizard, you should remove the Patch entry first, because it will report errors if you attempt to remove it after the OneBridge or Client Deployment Wizard files are removed.  The current functionality limits are due to Windows Installer limitations.

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In the custom install, the patch files are divided into installer features, described below, to allow flexibility in applying the patch. For example, an administrator may choose to patch the server software but to delay patching the client software until a later date.  In this case the administrator can decline the installation of the Sync Server Device Files and allow the installation of the Sync Server Files.  At a later time, the patch can be run again, this time choosing only the Sync Server Device Files. Likewise, an administrator may wish to patch the Client Deployment Wizard on a server, but not the Sync Server on the same machine.  In this case, the administrator can choose the Client Deployment Wizard Server Files, but decline the Sync Server Files.


NOTE: The Patch Installer must be run directly on the server or via VNC. Terminal Sessions are not currently supported.


Sync Server Files

These are files used by the running Synchronization Server.  They are typically installed under the OneBridge Sync Server \bin directory.  If you are patching to fix a problem with the Sync Server, you should install this feature.


Sync Server Device Files

These are files used by clients of the synchronization server and do not actually run on the server; they are mobile device-specific files.  They are typically installed under the OneBridge Sync Server\bin\clients directory, and may be synchronized to client devices.   If you are patching to fix a problem with OneBridge client software, you should install this feature.


Client Deployment Wizard Server Files

These are files used by the running Client Deployment Wizard.  They are typically installed under the OneBridge Client Wizard directory.  If you are patching to fix a problem with the Client Deployment Wizard, you should install this feature.


Client Deployment Wizard Device Files

These are files packaged for client devices by the Client Deployment Wizard and are not part of the running Client Deployment Wizard application; they are mobile device-specific files.  They are typically installed under the OneBridge Client Wizard\setup directory.  These are typically the same set of files that are included in the Sync Server Device Files feature, but are installed under the Client Deployment Wizard product directory.  If you are patching to fix a problem with OneBridge client software, and use the Client Deployment Wizard, you should install this feature.

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Client Files

Client Wizard




Windows CE

Server Files


Admin Data

Data Drivers


Mobile Objects


PPC 2003

Windows Mobile 5.0



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Client Files

            Client Wizard

          <b5.5.2007.0201> ClientWiz.exe

          <b5.5.2007.0111 > setup.exe



<b5.5.2007.0201> OBC.prc

<b5.5.2006.1217> MailPlus.prc





Symbian OS

          Series 60 2.1

          <b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.sis


          Series 60 3.0

          <b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.sis


          Series 80

          <b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.sis


          UIQ 2.1

          <b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.sis


          UIQ 3.0

          <b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.sis


            Windows CE

            Pocket PC 2003       


          Windows Mobile 5.0



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Server Files

<b5.5.2007.0201> clocksync.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> config.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> DBAdapter.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> DBListener.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> DBSyncActionPlugin.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> DBtoPimProxy.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> epocconv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> EpocFTConverter.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> esisynceng.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> ExchangeAdapter.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> ExchangeListener.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> filetransfer.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> httpcsync.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> httpdsync.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> LicenseMaker.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> log.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> logviewer.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> MO.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> MobileDeviceInfo.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> MsgOfTheDay.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> NotesAdapter.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> NotesAddon.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> NotesListener.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> nrecover.exe

<b5.5.2007.0201> obrestart.exe   

<b5.5.2007.0201> OneBridge.exe

<b5.5.2007.0201> palmconv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> PalmFTConverter.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> playlistmgr.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> printlog.exe

<b5.5.2007.0201> pushcfg.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> pushmgr.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> radiusacm.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> router.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> securidacm.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> ServerIO.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SEventHandler.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SyncActionPlugin.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> tm.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> UpgrdHelper.dll

<b5.5.2006.1217> ConnectAdmin.exe

<b5.5.2006.1217> exchangeacm.dll

<b5.5.2006.1217> HttpSettings.exe

<b5.5.2006.1217> xcsmmc.dll

<b5.5.2006.1202> CorpDir.BaseProvider.dll

<b5.5.2006.1202> CorpDir.Common.dll

<b5.5.2006.1202> CorpDir.dll

<b5.5.2006.1202> LDAPAuthPlugin.dll

<b5.5.2006.1202> ListenerManager.dll

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<b5.5.2007.0201> DataConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> ErcnConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> Nokia6600Conv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> Nokia6800Conv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> Nokia6810Conv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> Nokia7250iConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> Nokia7610Conv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> NokiaConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SeK700iConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SeK750iConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SeK800iConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SiemensConv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SiemensSx1Conv.dll

<b5.5.2007.0201> SyncML.dll        

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Admin Data

<b5.5.2007.0201> MobileDataDrivers.dat



Data Drivers


          <b5.5.2007.0201> XDBULTRALITE9.dll

          <b5.5.2007.0201> XDBULTRALITE10.dll

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Mobile Objects


PPC 2003

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOCF20Client.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOCFClient.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> moClientNet_PPC.ARM.CAB


                   Windows Mobile 5.0

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOCF20Client.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOCFClient.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> moClientNet_PPC.ARM.CAB



                   <b5.5.2007.0201> moClientNetSP.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> moClientNet_SP2003.ARM.CAB

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> moClientNet_SPWM5.ARM.CAB



                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOFX20WinClient.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> MOWinClient.dll

                   <b5.5.2007.0201> TravelerLib.dll

                   <b5.5.2006.1202> moClientLib.dll

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  • 16036 Obrestart.exe can't be executed automatically after crash

New restart behavior:

  - This behavior is based on "No Restart" value under registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Extended Systems\OneBridge Sync Server\Server

  - If "No Restart" value doesn't exist then service must be restarted (for backward compatibility)

  - If "No Restart" value exists and it has a value of 0 then restart the service

  - If "No Restart" value exists and it has a value of 1 then do not restart the service


§         16291 Autostart not working on later UIQ3 devices

Build change to work for new ROM updated devices.


  • 16448 Status of meetings is "tentative" after accepting on device of invitee.

The problem was that Outlook 2000 and 2003 require the appointment item to be updated in order for the changes to take effect. 


  • 16449 SE K800i: fax, email, web address not replicating from device to server
  • 16450 SyncML - Merge is turned on by default
  • 16452 SyncML - After comms failure, next sync results in duplicate calendar & contacts

Issues have been addressed for support of SyncML on the Sony Ericsson K800i.


  • 16455 Motorola Q: CDW install fails waiting for the device to reconnect

The problem is that the Motorola Q is listening on an unexpected IP address. To solve this OneBridge now broadcasts on  The downside of this is that the broadcast also goes out over the NIC card. It will not go past the local router, and Smartphone devices do not connect directly to an Ethernet connection.  Also note that the RNDIS miniport adapter only allows one device to be addressed to it at a time. 


  • 16466 Password is in Cleartext in OnebridgeNetworkConfigTrace WM5 device

The password was removed from the network config trace log.


  • 16467 The MOConnectionEventArgs.Cancel is broken

When a request is cancelled or the client side timeout happens, MO SDK will first call CancelRequest to close the current socket and open a new socket for the following request, so that the remaining response from the cancelled request will not go into the new request. 


  • 16470 Attendees not in the Notes GAL show up as @ in Notes client.

Changes were made to resolve to the SMTP address for attendees not found in the Notes GAL.


§         16471 GSM Connection is not working with Symbian Devices

Missing check was causing the connection to drop.


  • 16490 No rescheduling email to the invitees, if invitee list was changed on PPC device

This fix involved adding data to some fields that Notes expected to be filled out in order to process the cancellation message.


  • 16493 Modification of datasource for client modifies advanced settings for tables.

The problem was that we were clearing the "Remove record after successful sync" value regardless of whether it was legal or not.  I changed the logic to allow this value to remain selected in the case described, One-way client to server syncs, and cleared it for all others. 


  • 16496 Smartphones with AKU3 ROM cannot access e-mail through the mail icon

Smartphone can now use special OneBridge transport to enhance email.


  • New Daylight Saving Time time zone support

See the complete details listed above.


§         UltraLite (version 9 and 10) data driver support

See new documentation included in the patch installer located after installation on

\Extended Systems\OneBridge Sync Server\Docs\Windows Mobile UltraLite Data Drivers.pdf

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  • 24867 Not reachable shown too soon when device in power save mode

The reachable state has a tolerance of 150 seconds before switching states.


  • 25346 MonitorServiceAgent.exe tries to access LogDatabase.add - Error 5 in EventViewer

Fix for first part requires removing unwanted logging to event log.

Instructions: Apply the OneBridge 5.5 patch. Run the monitor agent service in the OneBridge server machine with “service account” (instead of “local system account”). Basically monitor agent service should be run with same account as OneBridge service. 


  • 25354 Emails deleted from device upon OneBridge client install

The PPC cab files were changed to have the option to skip the transport installation and subsequent deletion of inbox items.  This functionality can be invoked by adding the described registry key to the device before the cab installation.  If this setting is not on the device, there should be no changes in cab file installation.


  • 25640 Fix for bug where a tab character in an email address was crashing Notes adapter when it would call the DSParse function.

Notes cannot parse bad characters (tab delimiters in this case) out of email addresses.  When we called another Notes API to resolve this email to a user is when the server crashes.


  • 25643 Smartphone can now use special OneBridge transport to enhance email

Transport was added for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. For Smartphone 2003, there is still a problem. In the CE Setup DLL, a call is made to DMProcessConfigXML (in aygshell.dll) to process the provisioning doc. This works fine with the test app or stand-alone exe, but when run from the CAB file (wceload), the call is infinitely blocked. Thus far have not been able to determine what the cause of this is.


  • 25691 Push stops working on old clients after upgrade from latest 4.2 to 5.5

Code was disabled that regenerates NodeUniqueID when the specific attribute is not found. In this case the new XCSID_ScriptFile tag was added in 4.5 and not found in 4.2 or earlier configurations which caused the NodeUniqueID to get regenerated and cause configuration issues.


  • 25712 Added for bug 25712 where an install completed "OK" dialog for OneBridge cab is preventing software distribution items from completing.

On Pocket PC installs, dialog boxes called “Installation” are now detected and destroyed so that additional software distribution actions or file transfers with installations can now be subsequently installed.


  • 25747 CDW Time Zone setting has some entries two times.

A fix was made to the Admin group properties, CDW, Client Install, and Palm time zone form to not display that last two entries in the time zone table which are special cases.


  • 25797 All Day Events are one day earlier when synchronized to the device

A fix was made to the ECDateTime class to handle the timepart and datepart separation correctly.


  • 25881 Security Manager/OneBridge interoperability issue: Data fading flag is gone after device soft resets.

Security Manager uses the registry key to save the data fading flag. The OneBridge client was modified to read it from registry and remove it as it's done.


  • 25903 TM Packet 36 Error in 5.5 Release candidate

Previous bug 23900 rolled forward to v5.5.


  • 25916 Notes calendar items have timestamp modified due to OneBridge.

An extra timestamp was removed from the RouteTimes field when responding to meeting requests. This brings the OneBridge client behavior inline with the Notes client functionality.


  • 25918 OB does not delete partnership data fading registry key when finished with it.

The registry value was changed to OBC_DisablePartership. A fix was applied to the corner case when the OneBridge client is actively running in the background and the user unlocks the device.


  • 25928 MailPlus subfolder information can get corrupted

A fix was applied to the upgrade code to only rebuild the folder list when upgrading from preference version 3 and 4. Release 5.5 uses preference version 5.


  • 25950 Email stays in the device outbox and mail is repeatedly resent from Notes.

A failure was occurring after the mail had sent, and the client didn’t receive a message to delete the item from the outbox.


  • Pointsec changes would hang Smartphone cab installs.

Relative to the path for the install, the client could hang. This issue has been addressed.


  • Removes damaged (orphaned) push entries from the log during auto-archive or regular archive.

Some times the OneBridge log can contain more than one push entry per userID/DeviceID pair.  When this happens, updates to Live Connect entries may not update the correct Live Connect base record in the log.  The result is a log which contains many partial Live Connect entries.  When the data gets into this state, it makes it very difficult to use the Log Viewer as a tool for understanding Live Connect user status.


From now on, when a manual archive or a pre-configured auto-archive runs, OneBridge Log code runs two clean-up SQL queries.  These two queries will delete entries from the LogEntries.adt and PushDeviceConfig.adt which do not have a base record in the PushDeviceInfo.adt table.  The end result is the partial or orphaned Live Connect entries will be removed from these tables and subsequent updates by the Live Connected users will update the correct base record instead of creating a new record with each update.  If a base Live Connect record has been deleted or is not within the LogEntries.adt table, the record in the Log Viewer may appear to be partially populated compared to a normal entry.  These changes do not address this limitation.  To correct this problem, the user should be cleared from the Live Connect users, using the Admin program and the Live Connect registration action should be run again.


  • Found and fixed format statements which were crashing when they would try to format a datetime double into a %f for the format statement.

The logging for meeting requests could cause a crash due to the size of the format statement.

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  • 24264 Subfolders with same name at different levels don't work

If there were subfolder with the same name at different levels, such as Inbox\Test\Test and Inbox\Test, items would not sync correctly. This has now been fixed to work properly.


  • 24768 Motorola Q - 5 way navigation keys exit OneBridge status application

A change was made to the handler to not close by default on any command.


  • 25337 Mobile Object DB Sync Status not correctly reflected

During a long sync action, while the Mobile Objects client is waiting for the server's response, moConnection keeps firing OnStatusUpdate event to the application. At this time, the user may feel the application is hung, since the properties (byte in, bytes out, etc) in the event argument (MOConnectionEventArgs) are not changed, and correspondingly the UI is not updated. The fix will update the moConnectionEventArgs.TotalSendBytes value if nothing is changed in MOConnectionEventArgs for every half second. This allows the UI to get updated to inform the user the application is waiting for server's response.


  • 25403 Live Connect stops: No pending server notifications for some users

Updates have been made to alleviate the inconsistencies in the internal push tables.


  • 25554 The content of sent items in Mail Plus have a square character on every line.

Added support to the server's Palm data converter file for the Sent Items Data Store type.


  • 25575 Server deleted subfolders are not removed from device (Treo 700 CE).

The sync error problem is fixed by adding the checksum modification in the refresh folder process. It will trigger the sync engine to sync the new subfolder settings to server.


  • 25699 LDAP test dialog title shows Database Connection Login

The title bar has been modified to show the correct title.


  • 25740 Rescheduled meetings with hotfix 5.0.2006.0929

A fix was made to the server side code to prevent cancelled meetings from getting resent. The fix also looks at new calendar items to determine whether they are truly new before sending them out.


  • 25758 MailPlus: Fatal Alert errors w/Tungsten T5 MailPlus launch before initial sync.

Problem was caused by an un-initialized variable. It only failed on the Tungsten T5. Additional MailPlus UI fixes are included.


  • 25837 OBRestart event logs failures to start services that it should not be starting

OBRestart has been modified so it checks for the existence of configured services in its list before trying to stop or start them. Services that are in the list but not installed are skipped.


  • 25845 MO DoAction hangs when Calling Live Connect Registration Profile

All changes are on the client side. The changed code is only used by the Mobile Objects SDK and will not affect Groupware client and Palm, J2ME devices. The update provides proper error code and flag setting handling.


  • 25857 Proxy server logs failures for services it should not be running

Httpconfig.xml no longer has a default for the services tag. The httpsettings.exe will write "" for the services tag if the service is acting as the proxy, otherwise, it will write the set of services defined in httpconstants.h.


  • 25858 log viewer freezes when auto update is enabled

Removed nearly infinite loop caused by a timing issue that resulted in a record index being unexpectedly set to a negative number.


  • 25867 Log viewer does not work with MMC 3.0, which is installed with W2003 R2.

Reference to IExtendControlBarImpl was removed from the snap-in class and its COM map. The Microsoft ATL code was handling messages for this class but generating errors for some unhandled messages. While not fatal, MMC 3.0's improved error reporting caught and displayed an error. MMC 2.0 did not even though the same error occurs.


  • 25872 Mail stored twice in sent items when forwarded on device (Notes).

An extra copy of the sent item was being created in ENotesDatastore::UpdateLocalRecord() which Smart Forwarded emails did not use or need. 


  • 25881 Security Manager/OneBridge interoperability issue: Data fading flag is gone after device soft resets.

Security Manager uses the registry key to save data fading flag. OBC was modified to read it from the registry and remove it as it's done.


  • 25900 OBMG 5.5 Corporate Directory issues in Multi Node installation

In order for this fix to work correctly, the user must shutdown and reload the Corporate Directory application on their device. If they do not they will continue to see the behavior described in this bug. Corporate Directory will continue to run the search against the GAL on the Local OB server until they do this. The reason for this is that we cache the Corporate Directory adapter name in memory on the device and it isn't cleared until Corporate Directory is closed. The next time it is reloaded it will cached the name of the corresponding remote adapter name instead, like it should.


  • 25912 Travelerlib returns http error even if the connection is still in good state

The changed code will affect all modules that use push code, such as OBCPushService.dll, etc. The same issue in those modules should also be fixed.


  • 25938 Sync engine crash on large initial syncs on partial packets from adapters

The problem in the xml parser on the partial packets has been fixed.


  • apparent memory leaks when using SSL



  • Patch installer hung while trying to update their ADT file index page sizes

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