How do I set the color table and font list for the new RTE
control in PB10.5?

In the old RTE control (PB9), we loaded an RTF document into
the control that would standardize the fonts and colors that
the customers would use. For our application, it is very
important that the fonts and colors are kept in a certain
order so that, for instance, cf3 would be teal for all
documents created using the RTE control.

We've been trying to do the same thing with the new RTE
control (PB10.5.1 Build 6565) and, while it does not error,
it also doesn't work. We keep getting a default font list
and color table in the RTF from somewhere unknown.

The code is the same for both versions of PB:

// Load our default format file
// to set the colors, fonts and margins.
rte_1.InsertDocument( 'C:\def_tb.rtf', True )

Yvonne Paris