Use the Create Client Installation Wizard application to
create Afaria Client software. Begin on your desktop and
choose Start > Programs > Afaria > Afaria Create Client
Install to open the wizard. The wizard includes
context-sensitive help to guide you through the process.

Note: Every Afaria Server includes a test Windows Client for
testing your Windows channels. Begin on your desktop and
choose Start > Programs > Afaria > Afaria Channel View to
open the Afaria Channel Viewer application for the test
Client. Test Client data populates the Afaria database and
displays in the Afaria Administrator interface.

Consider the following items about using this trial’s
Afaria Client software:

• Predefined Clients are located on the virtual machine in
“C:\Afaria Client Kits” and on the host machine’s
trial extraction folder (default location
C:\AfariaTrialSystem\Afaria Client Kits). If you accepted
trial delivery by DVD, then an additional copy of the folder
is included in the DVD root for easy transport to another
computer. The desktop’s “Afaria trial VM – Start
here” folder includes a shortcut to the virtual
machine’s kit folder.
• Each predefined Client file in the kit folders has an
associated .DOC file that summarizes the wizard settings
used to build the Client.
• This trial does not include the Afaria over-the-air
deployment feature. Therefore, all
handheld device types require a cradled connection to
install the Afaria Client. The computer hosting the Afaria
Client software must be equipped with the desktop software
for managing and synchronizing the handheld devices that you
plan to trial. For example, you must have ActiveSync
installed to install the Afaria Client on a Windows Mobile
device (Pocket PC or Smartphone). The host computer in this
instance, may or may not be the same computer that hosts the
Afaria trial virtual machine. Use the device’s desktop
software to install the Afaria Client onto the device.